Agent Application

Step 1 of 2 — Terms Acceptance

This is a short, common sense agreement between you and Real HQ LLC (the company behind Agent Pronto, hereafter referred to as Agent Pronto). We ask you to read through this so you better understand how the Agent Pronto service works. We also want to avoid future complications so we can maintain a successful business relationship.

Important note: we do not accept compensation from agents in return for participation in Agent Pronto. Our agents are instead chosen based on a number of factors including performance, customer feedback, and marketing prowess.

You hereby agree to the following:

Legal Stuff

  • You are of legal age and capable of forming a legally binding contract.
  • You have a valid real estate license, are qualified to practice real estate, and will follow all applicable real estate laws.
  • You have appropriate insurance coverage for your real estate practice.

Accuracy of Information

  • All information you provide to Agent Pronto is accurate. Should it change in the future, you will update us.
  • You will also update Agent Pronto immediately regarding any changes to the status of your real estate license.
  • All information you provide to clients and potential clients is your responsibility and not the responsibility of Agent Pronto.
  • You or your brokerage will maintain a complete copy of all referred real estate transactions on our behalf.

Payment of Referral Fee

  • You agree to pay Agent Pronto a referral fee of 25% of your gross commission for all referrals generated through our system. Payments are calculated prior to any payments to your real estate company, broker, or any other party, and will be made upon closing.
  • If you help an Agent Pronto referral with the sale of one property and the purchase of another, you agree to pay the same fee described above for both transactions.
  • You will complete and submit any legal documentation necessary to pay a referral fee to Agent Pronto.

Voluntary Participation

Your participation in Agent Pronto is voluntary. Agent Pronto can terminate your participation at any time and without notice. You can also choose to stop participating at any time. However, termination of your participation does not negate this agreement for any referrals you’ve already received from Agent Pronto. If you are found in violation of this agreement, your participation may be terminated and you will be legally responsible for your actions.

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