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Submit Your Referrals to Agent Pronto & Get Paid

Have a client or quality lead that you’re unable to assist with their next real estate sale or purchase? We can help!

Submit your referrals to Agent Pronto and we’ll match them with a top real estate agent from our network. Your referrals will receive the same great service as every other Agent Pronto home buyer and seller, and you’ll receive 25% of the gross referred-side commission when the deal successfully closes—all at no cost to you.

Ready to Submit Your Referrals?

If you already have an Agent Pronto account, sign in and click Submit a Referral in the top-right corner of the page. If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to learn more about our service and join Agent Pronto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to submit referrals?

We have a few simple requirements for individuals who wish to submit their referrals to our service:

  • You must be either a licensed real estate broker who can legally accept referral fee payments from another brokerage, or a licensed real estate agent with permission from your sponsoring broker to submit referrals.
  • You must agree to our Agent Agreement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.

What are the requirements for the types of referrals that I can submit?

  • Submitted referrals must have an estimated budget or target sale price of $100,000 or more.
  • You must provide the source of your referral, and if the referral is not a personal client, a timeframe for when you first received their information.
  • All submitted referrals must include their full name, a valid phone number, and a valid email address.
  • If the referral that you are submitting is a lead you received from your website or a third party service, we strongly recommend that you submit the lead immediately after receiving it. Even a small delay in reaching out to leads can result in a dramatically decreased chance of success.
  • You must have valid consent from the referral to share their information with Agent Pronto and our agent network.

Are there any upfront fees associated with submitting referrals?

We don’t charge a setup fee, nor a subscription fee to use our agent-to-agent referral service. If you and your referrals meet the requirements above, you can begin submitting referrals immediately, for free.

What happens after I submit a referral?

We’ll promptly evaluate your referral to determine their eligibility. If eligible, we’ll get in touch with them to explain how our service works. Your referral will then be able to confirm whether they’d like to be matched with an agent.

Once we’ve confirmed their interest in using our service, we’ll immediately begin finding them an agent. We’ll send you an email once your referral is accepted by a receiving agent. You’ll be able to follow along with the progress by signing into your Agent Pronto account.

What if the referral that I submit doesn’t confirm that they want to use the service?

If your submitted referral does not confirm their interest in using our service after multiple attempts to reach them, we will not share their information with an agent. If your referral doesn’t respond to our requests for confirmation or has explicitly opted to not use our service, you’ll be notified through your Agent Pronto account.

Can I choose which agent receives my referrals?

By submitting your referral to our service, you’re trusting our service to find your referral the agent that’s best for them. We use our own data, algorithms, and customer reviews to match them with an agent. Once an agent has accepted your referral, we’ll let you know their name and brokerage, and keep you updated on the status of the deal through your Agent Pronto account.

What if I don’t think the agent that’s matched with my referral is a good fit?

If your referral reaches out to us and for any reason isn’t satisfied with the agent we selected, we’ll work with them to try and find an agent who is a better fit. And, of course, all submitted referrals are under no obligation to use any agent that we select for them.

What is the referral fee structure for agent-to-agent referrals?

We only receive a referral fee in the event that the receiving agent closes a deal with the referral. The fee structure for agent-to-agent referrals is outlined below.

The receiving brokerage, referring brokerage, and Agent Pronto receive the following percentage of the receiving agent’s gross referred-side commission1 upon closing:

  • Receiving agent’s brokerage: 65%
  • Referring agent’s brokerage: 25%
  • Agent Pronto: 10%

When can I expect to receive payment for submitted referrals?

We will remit payment of the referral fee to your sponsoring broker within 15 days of all of the following requirements being met:

  • We have confirmed the receipt and successful deposit of the receiving brokerage’s 35% referral fee.
  • We have confirmed the license information of the referring agent’s sponsoring broker.
  • We have received all required documentation for remitting payment to the referring agent’s sponsoring broker, including, but not limited to, a signed copy of any applicable tax documents (W-9, W8-BEN, or BEN-E).

What if the receiving agent fails to pay a referral fee?

In the rare event that the receiving brokerage fails to remit payment of their referral fee, we will determine the necessary steps in procuring payment from the brokerage. In the event that we are for any reason unable to receive a referral fee for a closed deal, you agree to waive any request for outstanding fees or liability against Agent Pronto.

Can I submit referrals that I’ve purchased or obtained from a third-party service or webform I have on my site?

Absolutely! However, we ask that you let us know the source of the referral and how long ago you received their information. This information increases the chances that we’ll be able to successfully contact your referral. We also strongly recommend that you submit these leads to our service as soon as you receive them. Even small delays in reaching out can result in a dramatically decreased chance of success.

What if my referral is requesting a showing for a specific property?

No problem—just enter the property of interest when completing your submission form. We’ll let the receiving agent know up front so they’re prepared to schedule a showing with your referral the first time they speak.

What if I submit a referral that has an existing relationship with your service?

You are not eligible to receive a referral fee if we have an existing relationship with the submitted referral. However, if your referral requests help in finding an agent directly through our website after you’ve already submitted them as a referral, we will honor the agent-to-agent payment structure listed above.

How many referrals can I submit?

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can submit through our agent-to-agent referral service, so long as they meet the requirements listed above.

1 Gross referred-side commission is the amount received by the receiving agent’s broker prior to any split of commission with agents or other brokers on the referred side of the transaction.