A couple speaking with a real estate agent.

How We Find The Perfect Agent For You

Agent Pronto is a totally free service that has helped more than 300,000 people find their perfect real estate agent.

Tell Us About Your Needs

We pride ourselves in not just finding great agents, but finding the perfect agent for you. To start, we ask you a few questions about the property you’re selling or the type you want to buy.

If you’re selling a property, tell us about it. What kind of property is it? Where is it located? What’s your estimated sale price? Is there anything else we should know?

If you’re buying a property, tell us about the kind you’d like to buy. What city or neighborhood are you most interested in? What’s your estimated budget? Are there any must-haves or other preferences we should know about?

Once we have this information, our agent specialists will personally review your request to make sure we have everything we need to find you the perfect agent, and we’ll let you know if we have any additional questions.

Get Matched With a Top Agent

We take the information you provided and use it to compare top agents within our proprietary agent and broker database. We search thousands of brokerages and tens of thousands of real estate agents to find the ones that have:

  • Top performance metrics and close rates
  • Proven negotiation skills
  • Experience selling or buying similar properties
  • Extensive expertise in the neighborhood and the local real estate market
  • Consistently high customer ratings
  • Any specialties you require

Combining these factors with your unique needs allows us to find the perfect agent for your situation.

Meet Your Agent Match

Once we have selected your agent match, we’ll send you an email to introduce you. We’ll share their contact information and some details about why we think they are a great fit. You can then interview the agent, ask them as many questions as you’d like, and confirm that they are indeed the right one for you.

You are not obligated to choose the agent we’ve selected for you. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the agent we matched you with or would just like to speak with another, let us know and we’d be happy to help.

Next up is actually buying or selling your property! We’ll check in with you from time-to-time to make sure things are going well with your agent match. And, we’re always here to help should you have any questions along the way.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Agent Pronto cost anything?

Nope, Agent Pronto is a totally free service for home buyers and sellers. You won’t pay a dime to us, and you won’t pay a higher commission to your agent, either. Our service is completely free, and you’ll have the benefit of knowing that you’re working with a proven top agent.

Do agents pay to be a part of your service?

Real estate agents pay us a referral fee when they successfully help someone we connect them with buy or sell a property. Agents often pay referral fees to other parties like relocation companies or real estate agents who refer clients to them, and they’re happy to do so because it means they don’t have to spend as much time finding new clients. Instead, they can spend that time making home buyers and sellers happy.

Unlike some other services, agents don’t pay a monthly fee to be a part of our agent network, nor can they pay for preferential treatment. We will always match you with the agent who we believe is the best match for you and your unique situation.

Do I need to use the agent that you connect me with?

Absolutely not. We pride ourselves in our ability to connect people to really great agents, but you are under no obligation to use our recommendation. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the agent we’ve selected, but are interested in speaking with someone else, we’re happy to work with you to find another match.

What is the difference between using your service and looking on my own?

There are more than two million real estate agents across the U.S. and Canada, and when looking for an agent, it’s not easy knowing where to start or who to trust. Agent Pronto takes the stress out of that decision.

We’ve worked with thousands of buyers and sellers over the years, and are pros at learning about your needs and using that information to match you with the best agent for you. We analyze data about agents’ experience, close rates, neighborhood expertise, specializations, customer reviews, and more to ensure you’re paired with someone you can trust to do a great job.

Who is Agent Pronto?

We’re a real estate technology company and a licensed real estate brokerage, passionate about making buying and selling homes easier. You can learn more at our About Page.

I’m a real estate professional. Can I partner with Agent Pronto?

You are always welcome to apply to work with us. However, we take matching home buyers and sellers with the best agents possible very seriously, and as a result, the majority of agents who join our service are never matched with a home buyer or seller. You can visit our agent page to learn more.